Philharmonic Audio

BMR Tower Measurements and Specifications

(On Axis and Off Axis Horizontally, One Meter Anechoic)
On Axis
20 Degrees Off Axis
45 Degrees Off Axis
70 Degrees Off Axis
90 Degrees Off Axis
Woofer and Port Combined Nearfield


Cabinet Mirror Rosewood, Piano Black, or Piano White
Tweeter RAAL 64-10X OEM
Midrange Tectonic Balanced Mode Radiator 2.5"
Woofer ScanSpeak Revelator 8"
Frequency Response 25 Hz - 20kHz (+ 1.5 / - 3db) Anechoic
Sensitivity 86 dB (2.83v/1M)
Box Alignment Mass Loaded Transmission Line
Dimensions 44" H x 12" W x 15-1/2" D
Weight 72 lbs
Impedance 6 Ohms
Crossover Linkwitz-Riley 2nd Order Acoustic at 850 Hz,
Linkwitz-Riley 4th Order Acoustic at 3,800 Hz