Meet the People Behind Philharmonic Audio

Our Chief Designer, Dennis Murphy

We at Philharmonic Audio believe that the crossover network is the most critical element in loudspeaker design.  Without a properly optimized crossover, the finest loudspeaker drivers mounted in the most expensive cabinet will sound mediocre or worse.  Dennis Murphy has been designing crossovers for private clients and Salk Sound for over twenty years.  An economist by profession and a violinist and violist by avocation, Dennis has been able to combine the statistical tools required in loudspeaker design with a first-hand knowledge of the sound of acoustic instruments to produce crossovers that have been consistently recognized as the most accurate available.  He launched Philharmonic Audio in 2012 with the purpose of lowering the cost of owning  loudspeakers that incorporate uncompromised crossover design and the finest driver technologies.  The company is named for the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic Orchestra, where he is a member of the viola section.  See the Philharmonic's activities here.

Our Chief Producer - Philharmonic Audio "2.0", Kenneth Lin

Ken Lin is the founder of Alexis Sonus and the co-founder of Philharmonic Audio 2.0 in 2020.  Under his leadership, Philharmonic Audio re-launched BMR Monitors in the United States and subsequently launched BMR Towers, HT Towers, HT Centers, Ceramic Minis and True Minis.  Ken leveraged Alexis Sonus' global supply chain to produce all Philharmonic Audio products.  As the Chief Producer, his goal is to bring soul touching music enjoyment to the world with an affordable price.  When "not" running the Philharmonic Audio business, Ken Lin is also a cyber security expert who protects the nation's critical financial infrastructure.

Our Transmission Line Designer, Paul Kittinger

Paul is a retired electrical engineer who spent his career in the medical devices industry.  He played trumpet at an early age and developed a love for symphonic music from his wife, who was proficient in violin, viola, and piano.  He has a long history of DIY speaker design activities, culminating with articles in Speaker Builder magazine about four of his creations.  Paul prefers and has focused on transmission line designs, which he develops using the advanced and highly accurate software created by Martin King.  Paul and Dennis have a long history of collaborative efforts, including a transmission line speaker (the "Cavatina") that won first place at the 2011 Parts Express Midwest Audio Fest.  Paul has designed transmission line cabinets for DIYers around the world, as well as for several commercial entities such as Salk Sound, Ars Harmonia, Rhythm Audio Design, and, of course, Philharmonic Audio.

Our Web Developer, Bruce Grisham

Bruce worked as an enterprise support analyst for many years.  Now he provides tech support for some of his favorite causes.